Fair report of IFAT 2018 in Munich

Two new innovative products from KA-TE make a big impression at the IFAT 2018 in Munich


Both the hydraulic and the new and powerful electric cutting robot FR250EMS were on display at the well-attended trade fair booth. KA-TE also presented the new system vehicle, a Sprinter 3.5T EMS, and the KA-TE IR-HeatSystem. The tried and tested FAST technology was naturally part of the team.

The completely new EMS series was one of the biggest surprises at the KA-TE booth. Customers and employees alike were amazed by the series. The conversion to a voltage of 400 V and the modular concept are especially innovative. The modular system, consisting of a cutting module, filling module and traction module, keeps the cost of the entire system low. The FR250EMS cutting robot stands out thanks to a continuous effective output of 1.5 kW. It was one of the most powerful electrical cutting robots at the trade fair.

Visitors found the down-to-earth equipment and low weight (3.5 tonnes maximum) of the new Sprinter 3.5 T EMS outstanding. The completely redesigned keyboard for operating the EMS series was equally well-received.

The KA-TE IR-HeatSystem was another highlight on show at the trade fair booth. It represents a newly developed method for reducing the formwork time of the KA-TE formwork system down to as little as 45 minutes through the application of heat. The HexVario composite formwork, the silicone balloon and the IR1500 infra-red heater achieve perfect results.

KA-TE’s unique FAST technology also attracted a great deal of attention. This technology was developed to enable the installation of fibre optic cables in all popular canal systems and pipe types by way of a protective tube installation method. FAST technology is highly efficient, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.
KA-TE would like to thank all of its customers and sales agents for their many visits. The company will continue to grow thanks to their active support.


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