Besides the time-tested processing technology of the KA-TE method, the resin is the process component essential for a high-quality result of the repair.

Currently we recommend only high-quality epoxy resins developed for the KA-TE process. These resins are produced and offered by different manufacturers.

The resins recommended by KA-TE can be found on the list. An important criterion was a valid DIBT permit. Although the DIBT permit actually applies to Germany, it is also assumed to be generally binding here, because it certifies general quality features, physical characteristics, process suitability and particularly also its environmental sustainability.

It is also reported since when the resin has been in use and what approximate volumes have been sold. This data can be used as evidence that these resins are reliable and tested.

As both filling and pressing works (formwork applications) can be performed by the KA-TE method, the list also contains information to what extent the respective resin is particularly suitable for filling and pressing works. Moreover, information is given on the special features and characteristics or application of the respective resin.

Besides these general criteria, the resins are constantly checked internally by KA-TE for application in the KA-TE process. The resins on the list have also passed these internal audits.

Another list shows new or modified resins with their approval still pending. Naturally, these resins could not be tested over an extended period of time, so KA-TE cannot yet recommend these resins without reservations. The list cannot be found on the website, but can be requested from KA-TE. KA-TE however supports the testing of such resins as long as it is aimed at improvement of a method (e.g. shortening of the stripping time, etc.).

A silicate resin used occasionally in the past did not turn out to be a success, so the use of silicate resins is currently not recommended.

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