Universal cameras

Almost all of our robots can be equipped with a universal camera. Interchangeable cameras make it possible to cut the cost of a robot. Customers can use one camera for virtually every system. A malfunctioning camera is also quick and easy to replace. Smooth-running operations on site are therefore guaranteed. Our cameras have been specially developed for handling the tough tasks inside sewers. This is why they are extremely robust and 100% waterproof. They are also equipped with a lens wiper that guarantees a perfect view of cutting operations.


The UK1501 is compatible with the majority of current robot systems from KA-TE. Not only is the camera extremely robust, it is also 100% waterproof (IP67). The camera’s interior is filled with nitrogen to prevent the formation of moisture. Any loss of pressure is detected by an electronic pressure monitor and indicated by an LED. The image quality has improved again significantly compared to previous models. A wide-angle lens delivers a wide viewing angle.

The UK1501 has an adjustable focus for viewing close-up objects and is controlled via the keyboard in the control room. The camera also features a lens wiper to maintain a clear view, even during water-cooled cutting work. The lens wiper has various operating speeds. The sapphire lenses are extremely scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible. Other features of the UK1501 include bright LED lighting and a magnetic coupling for panning.


  • Focus
  • Zoom
  • Panning
  • Lens wiper
  • Manually adjustable LED lighting
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Image flipping (changing the horizon)
Kompatibilität FräsroboterFR250, FR150
Kompatibilität SpachtelroboterSR300, SR178
Grösse (L x B x H)170 mm x 100 mm x 48 mm
Gewicht1.8 kg
Schutzart IP68 mit optischer Drucküberwachung
Sensor 1/4 Zoll CMOS
Brennweite2.9 mm / 138°
Auflösung756 x 504 / PAL
Beleuchtung22 superhelle LED, regulierbar
Scheibenwischer Ja, 4 Geschwindigkeiten
Bildrate30 fps