Stroke extension – HE250
The new stroke extension for the FR250 hydraulic cutting robot features top quality and maximum precision. The 200 mm stroke extends the existing stroke by an impressive 90 mm. This makes cutting possible at points in the connections that cannot be processed with the standard prismatic guideway. The conversion to frontal cutting is carried out easily with an additional plate.

Universal camera – UK101
The UK101 universal camera is the most compact panning camera in our range. It has been developed on the basis of the popular PMO camera. Several suggestions from users were incorporated during the development process. In particular, the bracket has been entirely redesigned and shortened by 15 mm. It also has a structure comprising several sections, for easier servicing of the UK101 as compared to the PMO camera. The cable has been positioned so that it is connected to the camera at an angle of 90°: this means that it no longer gets in the way when the camera is being fxed.

 Passage balloons – DB120 DB150 DB200
This innovative passage balloon is the frst balloon that leaves a passage of at least 30% open in the cross-sectional area of the inlet. When used in a DN120, as much as 44% of the cross-sectional area remains open. With the help of this passage balloon, the KA-TE shuttering system can also be used in inlets that cannot be closed for periods of several hours. Despite the rigid form of the passage balloon, it can easily be inserted into the pipe connections. This is achieved with the help of the KH300 ball mounting.

 Ball mounting for balloon – KH300

This mounting can be used to introduce the DB120–200 passage balloon into the inlets. However, the KH300 can also be used
for standard balloons. Especially in DN300–400 ducts where little space is available, this accessory makes it easier to introduce the balloon. There are basically two new features for the standard nozzles: frst, the balloon can be positioned with the help of a single cylinder. Second, the needle is flexible thanks to the ball.

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